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At the forefront of the mining and energy sectors in Darwin, Northern Territory in Australia, we, as Mining & Energy Lawyers, are dedicated to guiding our clients with unwavering commitment in the complex realm of energy and resources law. Our expertise encompasses negotiating resource extraction agreements, securing essential permits and licences, and ensuring environmental regulation compliance.

We stand as firm advocates for our client’s interests, balancing the legal extraction of vital resources with the protection of landowner rights and environmental integrity, thus maintaining a just equilibrium in resource development and conservation.

Obtaining Project Tenements

  • Acting for an ASX listed miner in obtaining project tenure under Mineral Titles Act including securing native title agreements, Territory Government approvals and third party services agreements
  • Acting for junior ASX listed explorers to obtain acreage including through farm-in and joint venture agreement, tenement acquisition agreements and split commodity agreements

Aboriginal and Native Title Land

  • Advising prospective miners on the “right to negotiate” process under the Native Title Act including negotiating and drafting native title agreements for grant of project tenements
  • Negotiations with Aboriginal Land Councils (NLC, CLC, ALC and TLC) and Traditional Aboriginal Owners
  • Preparing agreements for exploration on Aboriginal land under the Aboriginal Land Rights (Northern Territory) Act and land subject to native title rights

Aboriginal Sacred Sites

  • Advising companies of their legal obligations in respect to Aboriginal sacred sites
  • Advising on issues with the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority and obtaining Authority Certificates available under the Northern Territory Aboriginal Sacred Sites Act

Land Access

  • Negotiating land access terms and conditions with landowners
  • Preparing land access agreements for both resources and energy companies and landowners

Negotiating and Preparing Agreements

  • Buying and selling of mineral and petroleum titles
  • Farm-ins, farm-outs, and joint ventures
  • Royalty agreements
  • Split commodity agreements
  • Option agreements
  • Due diligence enquiries
  • Gas sale and transport agreements
  • Preparation of services agreements including drilling contracts, geophysical services contracts, mining services agreements, haulage agreements

Taxes and Stamp Duties

  • Advising on the stamp duty consequences of tenement transactions
  • Advising on issues with the Territory Revenue Office to determine appropriate tax treatment of transactions (before and after transactions occur)
  • Concessional treatment of farm-in agreements in the Territory

Mineral Royalties

  • Acting for miners and proposed miners in dealing with issues under the Mineral Royalty Act (NT) in determining the appropriate basis for mineral royalty payments
  • Advising tenement holders on obligations to pay royalties under historical royalty agreements
  • Interpreting complex royalty terms and conditions
  • Complex tenure analysis for the purposes of determining rights under royalty agreements and other third party rights

Advice on Regulation

  • Mineral Titles Act
  • Mining Management Act
  • Petroleum Act
  • Advice on corporate law issues and fundraising
  • Assistance with ASX listing requirements
  • Advice on employment issues

Environmental Issues

  • Advising on assessment procedures and requirements for environmental assessment of projects, including Environmental Impact Statements under Environmental Assessment Act (NT)
  • Water Act (NT) obligations and exclusions with respect to mineral and petroleum tenements
  • Advice on environmental issues under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (Cth) (the EPBC Act) and the Waste Management and Pollution Control Act (NT)
  • Advising on issues with the NT Environment Protection Authority including under waste discharge licences

Why Do You Need an Energy & Resources Lawyer?

Navigating the intricate landscape of energy and resources law, particularly in Western Australia, can be a daunting task. Given the ever-evolving legislation in the industry, it’s essential to have a specialised Energy & Resources lawyer by your side. We offer valuable insights into renewable energy, compensation, and more, providing you with a deep understanding of the changing legal landscape within the industry. Whether it’s securing permits, crafting contracts, or ensuring compliance with Western Australia’s legislation, we are here to help you avoid expensive errors. Don’t leave your success to chance—partner with us to protect your interests and thrive in this complex and dynamic field.

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