We provide assistance to your business in recovering debts from customers.

This service includes:

  • initial contact with the debtor customer to request prompt payment
  • drafting a range of documents including Letter of Demand, Statement of Claim, Defence
  • representation in the NTCAT Local Court and Supreme Court of the Northern Territory (or the Federal Court of Australia in Darwin)

Fixed Fee for Debt Recovery Services

Wherever possible, we seek to offer a range of fixed fees for Debt Recovery matters. We expect that we can complete the specific matters described below at the fixed fee mentioned. This fixed fee arrangement is based on simple matters, not involving lengthy negotiations. In the event that fixed fees are not appropriate for your matter, we will let you know in advance.

Letter of demand $800
Statement of Claim $2500
Defence $2500
Statutory Demand $1200
The above fixed fees are exclusive of GST and disbursements

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