We provide in-house advisory services to businesses and organisations.

This in-house advisory services involves:

  • periodically meeting with our clients at their business or by video link to discuss and resolve issues facing the business
  • involvement in management meetings as required
  • preparing or checking correspondence and corporate documents on behalf of clients
  • early identification of legal issues in decision making processes
  • reduced legal charges based on the period of service required (we encourage our clients to consider a 6 to 12 month contract for this service)

This allows us to provide legal input to your decision making process and allows your organisation to receive instant legal advice on key matters. We are flexible in terms of attendance and are willing to work with your organisation to provide a solution that works.

Advantages include:

  • Reduced hourly rates and fixed rates depending on the requirements of your organisation and the period or service required
  • We gain a more in depth understanding of the issues facing your organisation (allowing us to provide more tailored legal advice) at no additional charge


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