Franchising Law Services

1. Franchise Agreements

Our team of skilled lawyers assists clients in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating franchise agreements. Whether you’re a potential franchisor expanding your brand or a franchisee entering into a new venture, we ensure that your interests are protected and that the agreement complies with all legal requirements.

2. Compliance and Regulatory Guidance

Navigating the complex web of franchising regulations can be challenging. We guide our clients through compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct, disclosure obligations, and other relevant laws. Our goal is to keep your franchise operating smoothly while minimising legal risks.

3. Dispute Resolution

Franchise disputes can arise at any stage of the business relationship and are strictly regulated by the Franchising Code of Conduct. Our dispute resolution team is well-versed in handling issues related to termination, breach of contract, intellectual property, and more. We strive to find practical solutions that preserve relationships and protect your rights.

4. Intellectual Property Protection

Franchising often involves trademarks and other registerable intellectual property. We assist clients in registering and protecting their brand assets, ensuring that they maintain a competitive edge in the market.

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